Make your enterprise a home from home for all your employees, colleagues and co-workers (“Love”). A sound social setting offers constant recompense. It doesn’t mean partying, though. Adequate training and tools as well as a well-defined scope of responsibilities will enable everybody one to do their job (“Means”). Never limit personal contributions to the company’s goals. “I pay you, so shut up!” is a strategically bad attitude. Rather know everybody by their name, listen to their advice and offer genuine praise when appropriate. Cherish your employees, colleagues and co-workers (“Value”). Allow everybody to accomplish personal goals, establish “flow” and let all of you live your dreams.

Marketing does not create any new needs, but it modifies our needs to ensure the right choice at the POS point of sale you are aiming at. Marketing most actively takes charge of our decision making. Any kind of branding, product personality and trade mark management addressing regular customers or any other target group use CRM and target group emotions to create a community of customers (“Love”). Today any good or service, even those meeting most basic needs, offers a certain “product personality” enhancing the consumer’s self-esteem. “The bigger the better” suggests power. Any additional button on a car’s dashboard creates more competence. And revenue. Any promotion in business makes us stronger (“Means”). Any product adds to our health, beauty, attractiveness or is ecologically sound, politically correct or preferred by our peers. All items mentioned may even come true in the same product (“Value”). On top, being preferred by our peers makes all our arguments fall into place (“Love Means Value”).

The Military
The Armed Forces teach that sense of community which we all need to succeed (“Love”). In many a country they are the most influential educator. Hence, many careers start in the military (“Means”). They are set to protect and defend our freedom, our way of life and our pursuit of happiness (“Value”).

Citizens’ Rights
The struggle for citizens’ rights is the basis of modern life. Without it, there would not be the United State of America, the British Houses of Parliament, the French Republic, the equality of Man and Woman, accepted LGBTQ+ rights, the free choice of religion and other matters of course. Many a suspect later turned a name in history not unlike George Washington. Citizens’ Rights groups often demand the same rights as others (“Love”), more freedom and choice for their peers (“Means”) and finally the right to pursue their happiness as individuals as well as a social entity (“Value”).

You yourself
“We get what we give.” The more you dare to share, the more you will enjoy your part in LoveMeansValue. Any kind of assistence, support, education and collaboration honors the Rule of sharing.