An Author’s Confession
My better-known personal heroes are Abraham Lincoln, Deng Xiaoping and Ferdinand Porsche. None of them had a decent education. All of them fought malignant biases throughout their life. They all rendered outstanding service to humanity. Abraham Lincoln ensured the cohesion of the USA preparing them to become a superpower, a hub of science, business, culture and the idea of individual freedom. Deng Xiaoping ended China’s isolation and opened it up for international cooperation. Ferdinand Porsche, a distant relative of mine, held 400 technical patents, was in charge of establishing the largest industrial manufacturing plant in human history, the VW factory in Wolfsburg, and boosted technology in his time and age.

But there are also lesser known heroes who are more important to us. Family, friends and neighbors, colleagues and members of the public. Personally, I try to learn from everyone irrespective of gender, nationality, ethnicity, orientation and all other potential sources of bias and abuse. Let’s stick to it, love means value. Be my hero!

There is no way of telling whether this service contains even one truly new idea. “I do not create, I only confer” as Confucius already knew 2500 years ago. The vanity of having created something “new” is often merely based on a lack of proper education. Hence, the author’s copyright is limited to the compilation of sources for your benefit.
I merely research, phrase and confer the Rules.

However, should you detect anything truly new, please let us know.
Thank you.