Your life, your choice

What’s your goal? We’ll get you there. What’s your choice? We never tell you what to do. We rather propose what to consider. – Analysis based on the Rules, case studies, living examples, sharing thoughts and hands-on scenarios will promote a better understanding of your situation. And what you can do about it. You are the master of your fate. We assist.

Love Means Value
Life requires reliable decisions. Decisions are based on needs and biases. Our needs are Love (community, communication, cooperation), Means (skills, tools) and Value (goals and, ultimately, the meaning of life). Love, Means and Value establish sound relations in any professional, social or private setting as we do what ever it takes to obtain Love, Means and Value. As we provide Love, Means and Value to others, they will do for us whatever we ask for. This powerful tool requires responsibility. Misuse is punishable.

The Rules
More than one hundred known biases modify our decisions. The Rules apply biases, though gently. They are the hands-on approach to LoveMeansValue. The Rules take care of dealing with people – including ourselves. Based on nature, society and human personality, the Rules serve those who apply them knowingly as well as those who follow suit willingly. Let’s share them.