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Photo Thomas W. Leiser
Thomas W. Leiser, President, American German Business Club e. V.
Interview on July 11th, 2024, at the Wirt am Dom, Wetzlar
“What is your first Rule when dealing with people?”
Thomas W. Leiser:”Treat them with respect, understand what they want from you, find out what is your next appropriate response.”


Photo: René Scholz 2024
Christof Gans, Headmaster Carl-Schurz-School, Frankfurt; Carl Schurz – a  political refugee from Germany in the 1850s turned Abraham Lincoln’s campaign manager and Rutherford B . Hayes’ Minister of the Interior. Another German-American success story.

Interview on July 10th, 2024 at his office, Carl-Schurz-School, Frankfurt
„Mr. Gans, what is your first Rule when deal.ing with people?”
Christof Gans: „Respect – Respect and shoulderlook . And nobody has to earn the shoulderlook.”


Major General John Rafferty, Foto: NDIA.org

Interview on July 7th,  at the Steuben-SchurzBBQ held at  FRG Germania.
„General, what is your first Rule when dealing with people?”
„The Rule I try to follow with people is to remember that trust is the foundation of any productive relatiosnship. “
Maj. Gen. John Rafferty
56th Artillery Command
, US Armed Forces Europe

Read more at: https://www.stripes.com/branches/army/2024-06-13/army-artillery-rafferty-europe-nato-14169236.html


  Photo: René Scholz
Nicole Doth, artist , designer, master cabinetmaker
Nicole Doth’s M-Box is a useful piece of furniture, mirror-clad inside, hovering on a cloud of light, displaying „Old Glory“, the US flag. Useful beauty!

Interview on July 7th, 2024 at the Steuben-SchurzBBQ held at  FRG Germania.
„Niki, what’s your first Ruler when dealing with people?”
„Proper communication is the path to truthfulness.“
Nicole Doth, artist, designer, master cabinetmaker
Page: Don’t be afraid of Art!

Lt Gen (Ret.) Ben Hodges
, former Commander of United States Army Europe (2014-2017) gave a US perspective on Germany’s central role in European and international security and defense cooperation at a joined online/offline session of Steuben-Schurz-Society and American German Business Club at the Grand Rococo Hall of Frankfurt’s Masonic Lodge „Loge zur Einigkeit“ on September 21st 2020. Our question as kindly forwarded by host Thomas W. Leiser: „What’s your first Rule when dealing with people?
Lt Gen (Ret.) Ben Hodges: „Respect.“

Prof. em. Dr. phil. nat. Dr. h. c. Karl-Ontjes Groeneveld, Physicist, Nobel prize candidate. Interview on January 3rd, 2016: „What is your first Rule when dealing with others?“
Professor Groeneveld: „Listen.“


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