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This is about you
Love and Means and Value are your essential needs. There are Rules to identify, to handle and to fulfill our needs.

Terms & Conditions
We never tell you what to think, what to say, or what to do. Our mission is to share the Rules you should consider before making any kind of taking any kind of decision or action, resp. You remain solely and in its entirety responsible for any decision you make and for any action you take. Act responsibly. Any kind of misuse creates everlasting distrust.

Love – “Take your time!”
Our need for community and its significance for business and society as a whole. How to measure Love. examples, the Rules, and their implementation: “Take your time!” and “Time binds!”

Means – “Empower others and others will empower you!”
Our need for opportunities. How to measure Means and power, examples, the Rules and their implementation: “Empower otheres, and others will empower you!” and”Do to him (m, f, d) what you’d like him to do to you!” Hence, the Golden Rule in a new coat.

Value – “Look for common ground!”
Our need for explanations. How to measure Value, examples, the Rule and its implementation: “Look for common ground!”

As we meet it in business, society and history.

The Rules in Management
More and also less inspiring examples

The Rules in Human Resources
Why intelligence, educatioan and loyality are not in demand.

The implementation of the Rules in a state successful for decades.

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