An Author’s Confession
My heroes are Abraham Lincoln (who never went to school), Ferdinand Porsche (no proper education). Alan Turing (deciphered enigma, driven into suicide), Ignaz Semmelweis (identified child bed fever, murdered). All of them fought malignant biases throughout their lives.

They all rendered outstanding services to humanity. Life is not about where we come from, it is about where we are going to.

But there are also lesser known heroes who are more important to us. Family, friends and neighbors, colleagues and members of the public. Personally, I try to learn from everyone. irrespective of gender, nationality, ethnicity, orientation and all other potential sources of bias and abuse. Let’s stick to it, love means value. Be my hero!

There is no way of telling whether this service contains even one truly new idea. “I do not create, I only confer” as Confucius told us 2500 years ago. It would be my greates vanity to emulate Confucius’ modesty.

The vanity of having created something “new” is often based on a lack of proper education. Hence, the author’s copyright is limited to the editing and compilation of sources for your benefit. I merely research, express and share the Rules. May they serve you well.

However, your contribution as well as questions and suggestions are most welcome.

Thank you.